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Summers Here! The Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

Summers Here! The Health Benefits of a Beach Vacation

With our beautiful weather and sunshine, many of us head to the beach for our holidays to have some fun and a well-deserved rest from our busy lives. Beach holidays are a great way to relax, and with the endless miles of glistening beaches along the Sunshine Coast, it doesn’t take much persuasion for us to pack a bag and head off to the beach.

A holiday at the beach not only helps us to relax and recharge, it also gives us specific health benefits that can have a positive impact on our daily lives.

So if you are ready to unplug from your life, relax and rejuvenate yourself, here are 7 health benefits of booking into a Mooloolaba resort and spending some quality time on the beach:

  • A beautiful beach calms and refreshes you: There is nothing quite like the sight of clear blue waters lapping along a long, golden sandy beach to make us feel at one with the world. Nature has a powerful effect on us and it is well known that feeling the warm sun on our skin and the sound of the ocean gently lapping against the shore, makes us relax and feel calm and centred.
  • Sunlight is a natural anti-depressant: Sunlight increases our levels of serotonin, which elevates our mood and makes us feel happier. That’s why many people feel down or depressed during the colder, winter months, particularly if they lack sunlight, its known as winter depression.
  • Increase your fitness levels: I am sure you know how hard your muscles have to work to walk along the beach? Well, taking a daily beach walk and a few refreshing swims in the ocean will help increase your fitness levels, even whilst on holiday.
  • Bonding with family and friends: One of the best ways to refresh ourselves and our relationships is to leave all of the intrusive and sometimes, addictive technology behind and focus on what really matters – our loved ones.
  • Lots of vitamin D: Sunlight gives us lots of vitamin D and it is now being recognised that many of us are becoming deficient in this vitamin, because we spend too many hours indoors.
  • Take a deep breath: The sea air is not only invigorating, but it is healing as well. For centuries, people have taken to the coastal towns to alleviate allergies and respiratory problems.
  • A natural spa treatment: The salt and magnesium in salt water helps to moisturise our skin and to heal many chronic skin conditions, whilst the salt and sand are great exfoliators.

There are so many health giving benefits to spending your vacation time at the beach, it is like a mind and body expo all mixed into one fabulous Mooloolaba family holiday.

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